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On the occasions when such documents were not produced, no explanation was provided as to the absence of a record or document. Programs like Atlanta's Postponing Sexual Involvement have a track record of making abstinence education work amid urban poverty. Tatum Law cannot say whether a document in question was lost, damaged, destroyed, destroyed pursuant to a record retention policy or otherwise. The Tatum Law Firm was hired to investigate several specific allegations, including an assistant chief allegedly using the N-word in text messages. While they could not confirm that specific usage, they discovered plenty of evidence of racism, and in particular many people corroborated such attitudes by Assistant Chief Justin Newsom. Reprimand letters in particular seem to vanish into thin air with remarkable frequency. Tatum Law learned several managers were issued Letters of Reprimand for the same incident and we were able to obtain a copy of the letter from someone else involved in the reprimand process. Another recurring theme was documents missing - particularly related to officer discipline - that by any reasonable standard should have been maintained, particularly "letters of reprimand" issued for misconduct. Another recurring theme in the report was Chief Brian Manley seeking to avoid investigating serious allegations of misconduct.

It's worth mentioning, though, that this attitude of ignoring serious alleged misconduct reportedly extends beyond this one episode. Former Commander Jason Dusterhoft, who admittedly comes to this exercise with sour grapes after he was fired for an off-duty episode of "rough sex," provided an example about a sergeant, who was later promoted to Commander, who allegedly made false statements to Internal Affairs about falsified time sheets. He described some of the concerns as a clash of personalities between the Director of the Forensic Division and Commander Dusterhoft, who was supervising the division. Chief Manley advised that leadership did report that there were issues about people in the division but that there were no issues with evidence. Discussions with personnel and our investigation revealed that there were significant issues in the recent past involving the Forensic Division/DNA Lab, much of which were covered by the media. Media coverage and updates, as recent as February of 2019, provided to City Council from the City Manager’s Office suggest there was subsequently much more involved.

In the end, if the city council had not commissioned Tatum's review, the issue would never have been investigated. I hope the city council picks up on that and follows through, it's important. As part of the investigation, a series of document requests were made working with the City of Austin and the Austin Police Department. AC Newsom told Chief Manley that he was concerned about his text history becoming public at the arbitration, so much so, AC Newsom stated to Chief Manley if the texts became public he would leave the Department. Who received the text messages and why had the text messages caused such concern? An example is the Letter of Reprimand of a Commander regarding Use of Force review, who should have been provided with a signed copy and the signed copy should have been in the personnel file. Since the reprimand was part of a larger policy and/or performance review, then there should be a copy in the review file or an IA file. Separating the wheat from the chaff, though, there's definitely some important detail in there which was mostly ignored by the press coverage so far. There were several occasions when Tatum Law learned about the existence of documents and those documents could not be located.


Alix Fox at TEDxEastEnd There was not discussion regarding the nature of the text messages. Chief Manley did not ask about the text messages. Tatum Law was able to establish that Chief Manley had reason to inquire as to AC Newsom’s conduct based on a self-report of text messages that were troublesome, about which AC Newsom indicated he would leave the Department if they became public, and two separate allegations of racist text messages and comments occurring about one month apart. "None of these claims is supported by medical research, but that doesn’t seem to deter school administrators eager to promote Stenzel’s simplistic message.Stenzel is just one of several abstinence only speakers profiled in a recent piece by Mother Jones magazine. One of the best ways to explore is trying PSE sex also called Porn Star Experience sex. I do not wish to leave her and what are the ways to get her back? Other documents Tatum Law learned about are documents generated and maintained in the course of regular business operations. Some of those documents were also not able to be produced. We learned that some documents that should be maintained are not maintained.

Most UTIs are caused by fecal bacteria that got where it shouldn’t, either from someone’s fingers, wiping incorrectly (front to back, always, ladies!), or transfer during online live sex cam. I like sex very much now coming back to the incident it was happened in Jan. I had gone to Lakshdweep for a holiday with my family our hotel was on beach it was a very lovely hotel. In the case of Assistant Chief Gay, whose reprimand was issued over misbehavior by undercover operatives who infiltrated the activist group Occupy Austin, his case was the subject of a full-blown "tribunal." But somehow, the records fell off visit the website back of a truck on their way to the file room and can no longer be found. Notoriously, Assistant Chief Newsom found out about the complaints against him prematurely and resigned before his alleged racist texts could be investigated. This turned out to be a significant hindrance to their investigation. The October 7, 2019, email received by Chief Manley alleging similar facts to those later alleged in the October 30, 2019 complaint about AC Newsom’s use of the derogatory term "nigger" in text messages to refer to African Americans provided sufficient information to suggest that AC Newsom was in violation of policy for review or investigation.

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